Saturday, January 22, 2011

celebrate good times!

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after thursday's excitement, i thought the novelty of the feeling would wear off quickly with my insane schedule. however, i'm happy as a clam on a sunny day! having worked weddings before, I thought this would be a high-five moment and move on. however, i've realized it is SO important to celebrate milestones and reaching goals.  

Why have goals of reaching for the stars if you're not going to enjoy it once you've grabbed them?

i found myself delighted that mallory was beaming as much as i was :) yes, we made a bit of scene at open eye cafe (our favorite work spot), but why not? celebrate! celebrate the small things, the medium things and the BIG things! life is too short not to.

i think we will revel in this a bit more and then quickly move on toward our next goals!



Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

Yaaaaay!! It is definately something to celebrate - totally worth savoring! Xo

Spruce Kids said...

Absolutely!! Enjoy ever minute and congrats on your accomplishments!
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