Tuesday, January 4, 2011


everyone needs it. and i got some this december.

it was great to take about a two and a half week break and take some time for myself, my family, and my friends. it's so important to have that kind of time in your life and i am very fortunate that both katherine and i both believe in it. during our first goal-setting session, a definite focus was ensuring that we never get too wrapped up in work to appreciate the things and people around us.

i got to catch up with old friends, i made some new ones and appreciated every minute of it!

on the last leg of my trip, i spent about 6 hours driving by myself on an incredibly scenic route through virginia and north carolina - hwy 81. i had mountains to my left and, eventually, a sunset to my right. i honestly had no idea that there were so many mountains in our state (aside from the blue ridge) and it was great to see. the sunset was my very favorite color of sunset! i wish i'd taken a photo of it, but this one isn't too far off.

i hope all of you out there had the opportunity to take some time to reflect, and if you didn't, that you make some soon!

i'm back, refreshed and ready to get back to working on the business plan! can't wait to share more about it!


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