Thursday, December 16, 2010

branding competition

we've got a comes the fun part! branding! as a first step to finding a brand, we're looking for a)inspiration, b)design services that meet our budget (which, as of now, is non-existent) and c)great folks to work with! 

in an effort to really come out with a bang, we've both submitted into a competition to win a mini-branding session with lara casey and emily ley! it would be complete with a consultation session with lara and then the creation of a brand board with emily. we're incredibly excited about this opportunity and it would be a dream if we could work with them! 

check out my submission below to see what we're going for! 

<3 mal

Live The Dream. That's what I want to happen in 2011! 

My business partner and I have been working on a business plan for a few months now, but we have been training for this business our entire lives. With lots of individual experience in our back pockets (and even more energy), we are ready to work in cahoots! 

We're excited to jump in (head and feet first) to the event planning industry on our own. Just this evening, we came up with a name for our business(!!!) but we've decided to keep it tip top secret until we can make sure it's paired with a great branding. Both graduates of a school of journalism, we understand just how much a brand can make or break a business and we want to make sure that we take extra care to create one that tells people who are and what we stand for. We have lists and lists of exciting adjectives and phrases we could use to represent in our brand but haven't quite figured out how to integrate it all.

Our latest goal-setting session for 2011 included developing a brand, making it out to industry trade shows, exploring our (and our clients'!) creativity, polishing our business plan and mission statement, and building relationships with potential clients and our local business friends.  We would love for one our first relationships to be with the two of you and even more, we'd love to show you just how far we will take our new brand! 

Here's to a new year full of exciting opportunities! 


jacin said...

branding is a hard part, and an important investment!! good luck, hope you guys win!

Katherine said...

thank you, jacin! cross your fingers AND toes :) we appreciate all of your support!!