Monday, December 6, 2010

visions, goals and plans, oh my!

on saturday, we had an incredible (six-hour!) meeting to discuss our goals. after reflecting on what we need to feel fulfilled as individuals, we dove right into what would be great for our event production endeavor (and saw in just how many places the two intersected!).

after this process, katherine and i left our meeting so fully energized! this blog itself is a product of that meeting - - our overflowing excitement had to be channeled somewhere.

so here, i'd like to share a few of the goals we created (and some sweet tunes, to boot). this is only the tip of the iceberg and we are excited to share more!

- embody a positive, can-do attitude
- be a company full of fun, creativity and passion
- make our office feel like home
- provide the best and most inspiring tools to get the job done

- know the business inside and out
- be your go-to company for events
- help client wishes come true
- have employees with a diversity of experiences
- help every client see their event's full potential
- work hard to provide an inspiring product
- know who to call for anything (you need a unicorn? we have a unicorn guy!)


Katherine said...

we DO have a unicorn guy! ;)

Victoria said...

Pretty solid plan :) and you have a unicorn guy? wow, i'm sold!

Naomi said...

I don't know much but from what I can gather this is a solid plan! FREAKIN" GO FOR IT!!