Thursday, December 9, 2010

sometimes you just need a kick in the pants

it's amazing how much of a motivator dissatisfaction can be! today i was caught off guard by a couple of things and started to get upset. after phoning a friend and blowing off a little steam, i took a second to reflect. sure, i need to take some time to make things right, but i also need to use this as a reminder of just how much i want our business to succeed!

we've got to always be looking forward; not getting caught up on things that will hold us back. harness the energy that your life gives you for improvement! 

today - the song that is bringing me forward is "Daylight" by Matt&Kim. it's got such a positive, powerful energy. the lyrics are great and in the music video, you can see their spirit and excitement beaming out. i love it!

thanks for the inspiration, Matt&Kim!

<3 mal