Wednesday, December 15, 2010

keepin' it classy

as tempting as it was, no, "keepin' it classy" is not the new name of our business.

i'll tell you what though, choosing a name is really difficult! there are so many things that we wanted our business name to convey: what we stand for, creativity and fun but also dependability, the ability to work with lots of event types...and so much more!

what we discovered when we started to brainstorm is that a majority of words we were interested in are used by other companies or we already had strong images already associated with them. we tried to use stream of consciousness to get great ideas from the depths of our minds, but when it came down to it, we were stuck!

that's where our great friend kate kryder came in! we needed a friend who could help us sort out the good ideas from the bad ones and who could push us along in our search for a name.

kate, who happens to be a fabulous co-worker of mine, has a mean creative streak! we appreciate her time, her brain, and of course her willingness to help, you can see her pictured to the right with her sweet new pretty pony reusable tumbler (we are big fans of the reusable tumbler around the office)!

thanks, kate!

<3 mal


Katherine said...

KATE! You seriously rock :) thank you for being such a great support and creative force! xoxo

Kate said...

You two are the best and it was a pleasure to help! I can't wait to see where your passions take you!

jacin said...

it took me almost a year to come up with my name... and it was right in front of me all along!!